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For beginner and experienced.

Print and Go

  • Send in your file get it printed

Print Confirmed

  • Send in your file, we will tweak the file when necessary

Custom Solutions

  • Easy, send in your sketch, dimentions and requirements and we will reach out

Custom Solutions

Our aim is to make your work and life easier. Please have a look at our previous solutions with satisfied clients.

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3D prints ready for you!

3D prints done withouth any experience. No problem, send us a rough sketch or the dimensions and requirements it has to fullfill. We will then send you a design for review and after comfirmation we will ship the final product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our FAQs. If you have any other questions unanswered, feel free to contact us.

By going to our upload page, from there it is simply drag and drop into the upload area.

Currently we only support .STL files. Soon there will be an intergrated slicer on our website where GCODE can be created. For now we slice your model ourselfs for you and your specific requirements.